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Work Sampling Online Benefits
Complements and enhances the valid assessment tool you already use

Find all of the elements of the offline Work Sampling System®-- Checklists, Portfolios, Summary Reports, and more-- in easy-to-use formats that streamline the process for teachers and administrators.

Flexible Reporting
Delivers easy, automatic reports that fulfill multiple reporting requirements

Enter data once and generate a variety of reports-- for individual children or groups.

Allows easy access to your program's information

Work Sampling Online is delivered via the Internet and can be accessed by administrators and teachers from any computer with an Internet connection, 24 hours a day.

Keeps your information secure

SchoolSuccess uses industry-standard hardware and software to ensure that data is secure and protected. Our Web applications are protected by firewall technology and all exchange of sensitive information is encrypted. Access to applications and data is checked at every request. Only authorized users have access to a child's data, and all access to administrative features of the site are logged and audited.